Course Page Introduction | Walk Through?

It can be daunting entering into a new learning environment, this is a short video showing you your learning space.

Sketchbook Introduction | A Message From Colleen?

To create a sketchbook(s)/notebook(s) with primary and secondary information of your chosen theme.

Sketchbook Supplies | Essentials for Getting Started?

I have curated quality artist materials, if you are in need or don't have the time to shop for supplies to get started.

Ideas and Advice to Start Your Sketchbook | What You NEED to Know Before You Start!?

Sketchbook(s) and Notebook(s) and valuable tools to capture your thought process, think of them as your personal and private journals, that will source of your creativity.

How to Start Building the Foundations of a Sketchbook

How to Start Researching

Drawing Techniques an Experimentation Ideas

A Message From Colleen


Issues to Think About!

How to Incorporate Figure Drawing into Your Sketchbook


The Psychology of Building a Sketchbook – It’s About YOU!

The Psychology of Building a Sketchbook

Creating sketchbooks and notebooks is an extension of your creative personality that is not locked away in your head, think of the pages as storage space that needs to be filled.

Your creative mind-set benefits from having a place to put, record and develop your feelings and thoughts. This enables you to keep gathering visual information that will help your design ideas now, tomorrow and for all future projects.